Monday, January 25, 2010


This week I've started my residency at Serial Space in Chippendale, Sydney. The Plan is to come in every day at 10am and stay til my eyeballs fall out and I can't look at the screen anymore. I'm working on our Kickstarter video (stay tuned) as well as our lecture for Munich and video works for upcoming gallery exhibitions. I wish I was one of those Indian gods with 8 hands so I could work faster. 

About 10 minutes ago some crazy electro sound art music started emanating from upstairs or next door. Serial Space is not exactly a sanctuary of peace and quiet but it is forcing me to focus in a new way and I'm getting more done here than in my Bedroom Office, so it's a total win so far. Big rooms with white walls are by nature motivating - if you're in Sydney & you wanna see this work in progress then come along to my showing this Saturday. 

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