Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Check out these unique little coffee cups made by local artists in the Chippendale area, Cafe Guilia has a limited number they're serving up, makes me sad that that this little piece of art is also imminent garbage.  

So today has been day 3 of the residency. Touched base with Molly, did lots of planning, scribbling, editing, mixing, stared at the wall in for a bit, released new shoot the player video & then discovered something so exciting it changed my life. After weeks of talking to Molly on Skype and holding up a mirror so she could see my screen and the edits I'm doing (for real) we just discovered Screen Share, a function that allows her to talk to me on Skype and see my screen as I see it. This, has changed our relationship. And not only our relationship but every collaborative video making relationship that I have in my life right now. Amazing. What other amazing technological widgets am I missing out on? Tell me kids, I really need to be updated on this shit.

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